VIDEO: Brexit Summary in 5 Minutes Now That A Deal Is On The Table has taken position that Britain’s exit from the European Union (Brexit) will not actually occur likely because the current Conservative government will fall, forcing an new election in which Brexit is the big issue resulting in British citizens voting to stay in the EU.

brexit-vote-results-map-2016The main logic to this argument is that the ruling Conservative Party is a minority government that needs the support of a group of non-Conservative Irish MP’s from the Deomocratic Unionist Party that will bring down the government if it does not play nice with the EU during exit talks.  Not to dwell on the the obvious but:

  1. the vote to leave the EU was so narrowly decided .  Often there is a “post purchase anxiety” that kicks in after such a win and recent UK poles show British population today would vote to stay in the EU.
    1. The vote largely divided rural against urban and England against its ‘territories’ of Ireland and Scotland.
  2. Theresa May’s ruling Conservative Party does not want to leave
  3. Theresa May does not want Brexit

While we understand that Brexit becomes more of a certainty each month that passes, we still think it still will not happen.  We think:

  1. The May Conservative Government will fall in the coming months, and
  2. The EU will quietly offer changes to appease Britain and other EU countries inside the EU
  3. The British population will narrowly decide to stay in the EU

This video calmly explains both sides of the the current Brexit debate, in quick simple terms, now that a Brexit deal is on the table:




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