The 20 Largest Data Breaches In History

Below are the list of 20 largest data breaches in history.  Today, Marriott, which is actually Sheraton, Aloft, Westin and many others proudly enters our list at number three.

We had intended to research a list of the top 10 data breaches but found that the top 20 was much more thorough and covered nearly all of notable hacks.

# Company / Organization Number of Stolen Records Date of Breach Notes & Links
1 Yahoo 3 Billion Aug-13 Almost sunk the company
2 India Elections 1 Billion Jan-18 Aadhaar
3 Marriott Hotels 500 Million Nov-18 Westin, Sheraton, Aloft
4 Adult Friend Finder 412 Million Nov-16 Like Ashley Madison
5 Equifax 146 Million Jul-17 Still not finished
6 eBay 145 Million May-14 Sensitive but not financial Info
7 Heartland Payment 134 Million May-08 Payroll customers
8 Target 110 Million Dec-13 Hacked via HVAC Contractor
9 TJX Companies 94 Million Dec-06 TJ Max, Mashalls, Winners
10 JP Morgan Chase 83 Million Jul-14 76M people & 7M bus
11 Anthem 79 Million Feb-15 Health Insurance Company
12 Sony PlayStation 77 Million Apr-11 $15M Settlement
13 Uber 57 Million Nov-17 $148M fine + $100K to Hacker
14 Home Depot 56 Million Sep-14 Zero Day Malware
15 RSA Security 40 Million Mar-17 Tricked employee
16 Adobe 38 Million Oct-13 Fined $1M
17 Ashley Madison 32 Million Jul-15 AVID Group
18 US Office of Personal Mgt 22 Million 2012 – 2014 PlugX
19 Timehop 21 Million Jul-18 Social Media Hooks
20 Hong Kong Electoral Office 3.7 Million Mar-17 Two stolen laptops

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