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tesla vs the world in 2030

Who Will Be The King of Electric Vehicles in 2030?

What Environmental Advancements Have Traditional Automakers Made In The Last 40 Years? Many people look at the old automakers like GM, Ford, Mercedes, Chrysler and Honda as useless and non-responsive.  However the truth is quite a bit different.  Here are …

Everything you need to know about Plugin Hybrid PHEV

VIDEO: PHEV’s In Real World Driving

If you want to understand how plugin hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) work in real life, join me on my long drive to work and back.  Also, if you find this of interest you will likely be find useful information in …

ai winter

What Is A.I. Winter?

In the early days of artificial intelligence, full AI was thought be developed quite quickly.  Researchers boasted that it was just a matter of a few years and a few breakthroughs to make Artificial Intelligence an everyday reality. ….“from three …

how important is china to the auto industry 2021

How Important Is China To the Auto Industry?

Using the first half of 2021 auto sales figures we show just how important the Chinese market is to global automakers like VW, Mercedes, GM, Ford, Mazda, Jaguar / Land Rover, Toyota, Nissan, Volvo and Tesla. We explain the auto …

Tesla Road Noise on Wet and Dry Roads

Did Tesla Fix The Road Noise Problem?

In 2020 we recorded a video of our 2019 Tesla Model 3 allowing very loud road noise into the cabin.  In fact, on decent roads at highway speeds it often surpassed 80db which is very loud. We sold out 2019 …

Tesla Model 3 SR+ Handling In Heavy Rain

VIDEOS: RWD Tesla Model 3 SR+ in Heavy Rain

We have two videos showing how Tesla’s perform in heavy rain covering both road noise and handling. Tesla  Model 3 SR+ Handling in Heavy Rain 2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ Road Noise in Both Wet and Dry Conditions