statistica tiktok user engagement in the US Oct 2019 - Mar 2020

Why Would China Want TikTok & WeChat Data?

If you have any computer security awareness at all, you will have heard about the US Governments efforts to block TikTok, WeChat and other Chinese based companies from operating in the United States.  In the surface it seems silly to …

lidar - how elon musk and tesla got it wrong

What is LIDAR & Why Tesla Has It Wrong

Put simply, LiDAR is just radar using a laser light instead of radio waves to scan what is in front of it.  LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging and was  the next big iteration in remote sensing and imaging …

Tesla How To Videos

Tesla Training Video Shorts

If you have a Tesla EV or are thinking about buying one, you may want to learn about how they operate.  Tesla does not do a good job of explaining Tesla features to their owners.  We decided to create a …

climate engineering explained

VIDEO: Will Climate Engineering Kill Us All?

Many people fear this technology but Harvard University’s David Keith explain how Solar Geoengineering may REDUCE global warming like volcano’s do. Fareed Zakaria interviews Keith on the fascinating idea that humans may be able to intentionally create volcano like events …

Do PlugIn Hybrids Have a Future - Volvo CEO Thinks they Do

VIDEO: Is There a Future For Plug In Hybrid Vehicles?

Tesla fan boys and some other industry observers claim that plug-in hybrid vehicles are a needlessly complex and expensive technology and more importantly that consumers will not buy PHEV’s because full battery electric’s (BEV’s) are so much better. In this …