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Tesla Road Noise on Wet and Dry Roads

Did Tesla Fix The Road Noise Problem?

In 2020 we recorded a video of our 2019 Tesla Model 3 allowing very loud road noise into the cabin.  In fact, on decent roads at highway speeds it often surpassed 80db which is very loud. We sold out 2019 …

Tesla Model 3 SR+ Handling In Heavy Rain

VIDEOS: RWD Tesla Model 3 SR+ in Heavy Rain

We have two videos showing how Tesla’s perform in heavy rain covering both road noise and handling. Tesla  Model 3 SR+ Handling in Heavy Rain 2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ Road Noise in Both Wet and Dry Conditions    

near future of fuel cell electric vehicles

Hydrogen Powered Passenger Vehicles? What Changed

Hydrogen has been next years technology for 25 years, so why should anyone thing that is going to change now.  There have been several breakthroughs that make hydrogen a real option for passenger cars in the very near future. Proton …

how apples monopoly hurts consumers

VIDEO: Does Apple Use Its Monopoly To Take Over Markets?

Apple and Microsoft are interchangeably the largest company in the world.  Microsoft focuses on corporate tech products while Apple concentrates on the consumer.  But that is not the only major difference between the two. Microsoft went through a nasty monopoly …

covid19 lab leak -wuhan institute of virology police

Is COVID-19 Lab Leak a Conspiracy Theory?

Over the last few years there have been an inordinate number of silly conspiracy theories covering everything from the 2016 US Presidential election to Ted Cruz’s Father being involved in the JFK assassination. At PartisanIssues we stick to facts and …

what 911 can teach us about COVID

What 911 Can Teach Us About Responding To COVID19

When it comes to the pandemic response, few people actually want to see the economy shut down.  Even the most argumentative accept that there is merit to keeping the economy open to some degree. A blind closing all small businesses …

tesla model 3 blue

SOLVED: Tesla Model 3 & Y Feature List

Tesla has been very good at keeping its offerings to a small number of options.  Basically there are four things to consider: Standard battery VS Long range battery Two wheel drive VS All wheel drive (Tesla calls this ‘Dual Motor’) …

5 ways tesla avoided the chip shortage

5 Ways Tesla Avoided the Global Chip Shortage

In this video we explain the how the global computer chip shortage will cost the auto industry $61 billion in lost sales just in 2021 and how the shortage will likely extend well into 2022.  So how did Tesla avoid …