Do you want to understand Global Warming without the political hype? Dr. David Maenz has written and important book for 2018 explaining the science of global warming, it’s impacts and viable solutions. The Price of Carbon is an easy read. You don’t have to be a climate scientist to understand his clear explanations and simple charts.

The book includes a brief history of the earth, where we are today, future climate scenarios and how to fix the problems. It also covers the Paris accord without the political furor.

You can no longer rely on TV pundits to provide facts in this era of ‘fake news’ geared towards political agendas and TV ratings. Hype and hyperbole rule the day and we just don’t have the time to play around any more. We all need to understand this most critical issue and we need the facts without the hype to continue to discuss and correct Global Warming.

The Price of Carbon is an intelligent, well written and fact based look at Global Warming.

The Price of Carbon is available now, in hard cover, paperback and ebook on, and and more details (and excerpts) are available at .


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