12 Things Alberta Can Do To Punish British Columbia For Blocking the Trans Mountain Pipeline

rachel-notley-john-horganMany people, and politicians (which are also people 🙂 ) have suggested that Alberta cut off the oil supply to British Colombia in an effort to punish the BC Premier, John Horgan.  While that is one possibility, there are other things that can be done.

Some options are reasonable, some are draconian and some of them are just not possible.

Here are most of the options available to Alberta:

  1. Block BC Workers – This is possible but not likely:
    • it would be very disruptive to business as the two provinces have a largely integrated work force
    • it would annoy BC workers, many of which are in the oil sector, and they are some of Alberta’s biggest boosters in BC so it would be counterproductive to send them home
  2. bc-site-c-dam-mapNot Buy Electricity From BC – This is doable and in fact has already started
  3. Reduce Transfer Payments from Alberta to BC – This is NOT possible for two reasons:
    • canadian-equalization-payments-2017-2018Transfer payments under the Federal Equalization program are made by the FEDERAL Government primarily using money that it collects in income tax which is remitted from all Canadian citizens directly to the Federal Government
    • BC does not receive equalization payments.  British Columbia is a “have” province that pays into the system for the “have not” provinces
  4. Appeal To The Trudeau Federal Government To:
    1. reduce Federal transfer payments – remember that provincial income tax is collected by the Federal Government and is doled out by the feds, largely at their whim
    2. delay / cancel Federally funded projects in BC
  5. kinder-morgan-trans-mountain-pipeline-mapBlock Alberta Oil Delivery to BC – This can be done
    • About 90% of British Columbia’s oil and gas comes from Alberta
      • BC’s largest refinery, which produces 50% of southern BC’s gasoline products, gets nearly all of its oil from Alberta
      • About 50% of that supply oil comes from the existing Trans Mountain pipeline
      • the existing Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline “batches” the petroleum products so that one day it ships crude oil and the next it might ship fully refined gasoline
    • BC gasoline prices are already the highest in the country (today about $1.50/liter)
  6. Block Purchases of BC Natural Gas – This can be done
  7. bc-tourismAttempting to Reduce BC Tourism – This can be done but would like have a minimal effect
  8. Block Beef Sales To BC – This can be done
  9. Block Grain Sales to BC – This can be done
  10. Block BC Lumber Sales in Alberta – This can be done
    • lumber is easily targeted although lumber restrictions would have notable negative implications in Alberta’s construction industry that has just recovered from the 2015 oil crash
  11. BC-fruit-canadaRestrict BC Consumer Goods Sales – This is doable and has already started
  12. Add New Tax to BC Products – This is doable
    • To reduce some of the pain on Albertans from a complete elimination of some BC products, the Alberta government could add a sizable tax to some products



  1. Avatar
    Alex April 24, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    I live in bc but why would Alberta punish BC for blocking the pipeline? Isn’t it good for the economy but bad for the environment?

  2. Avatar
    Wendy May 3, 2018 at 7:56 am

    I can’t believe what I’m reading! Time to grow up,if you want to talk about compensation,how about compensating indigenous people for the first pipeline!

  3. Avatar
    Wendy October 11, 2018 at 8:55 am

    Bottom line the three judges who made their decision knows there is no treaty in most of B.C ! And our interest Must be respected!.

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