Alberta Premier Notley Explains How The Trans Mountain Pipeline Is Good For The Environment – FULL COFFEE SHOPS & UNICORNS SPEECH

We have two versions (full and highlights) of Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s speech to the Alberta Teachers Association conference in Edmonton in which she explains that the Trans Mountain Pipeline will not cause increased carbon emissions because:iea-world-oil-demand-price-history-projection-1980-2040

  1. The demand for oil will increase through 2045 and that demand will be met by the environmentally disastrous Russia’s, Nigerian’s or Venezuelan’s if Canada does not produce it
  2. Unlike nearly every other oil producing jurisdiction on the globe, Alberta has set carbon emissions limits so if more oil is produced other oil production has to be even cleaner to stay under the limits

canadian-oil-production-oil-sands-conventional2011-2035Oil sands production just hit another all time high in June of 2018.  That production is just simply not going to slow down and that means it will be transported by rail and truck, which is 4.5 times less safe than pipelines.

According to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), output from the oil sands is expected to top 4 million bbl/day in 15 years, bringing total Canadian production to 5.5 million bbl/day by 2035.

canadian-oil-hits-all-time-price-differencial-of-more-than-50-dollarsPremier Notley also explains a critical point that even the most radical anti-oil people can agree on, this requirement to ship by rail is the root cause of the gigantic price differential between Canadian oil (WCS) and Texax oil (WTI).  Today Canadians are missing out on up to $50/barrel (which is 70% of price) because it is so expensive and slow to ship through rail.  Much of that money could and should be going into Canadian jobs, debt reduction and social programs.

Take a careful listen to Alberta’s Premier for useful insights into why the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion is good for the environment, good for Alberta and BC and good for Canada.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley Defends Trans Mountain Pipeline – 5 Minute Edit

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley Defends Trans Mountain Pipeline – Full 23 Minute Version


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