VIDEO: Why We Need Nuclear Energy Now – Nuclear Energy Positives and Negatives Rationally Explained

If you are worried about the environment you may be surprised to learn that virtually all rational energy environmentalists are pro-nuclear.  This is a quite a surprise to many.  The reasons are that while Nuclear Reactors have their problems… well, lets stop there.  It is much more accurate to say Nuclear Reactors HAD their problems in the past those serious issues are:

  1. Outdated.  Nearly all of the nuclear reactors in operation today were constructed between 1970 and 1985 and are so called “light water reactors” which are drastically safer than coal or oil but no where near as safe as the new nuclear technologies
  2. Very minor compared to coal and oil which is the option we rely on today and in the near future
  3. Massively over-reported by zealots who don’t want to look at the facts.  There have been 3 notable nuclear accidents in 50 years and it is well documented that the number of deaths and injuries caused by these nuclear accidents “…number is dwarfed by the death rate from burning fossil fuels.”

You might be reading this thinking that the author is some pro-nuclear, head in the sand idiot.  I am not.  Like most people I grew up afraid of Nuclear and lived just a few hours from the infamous Three Mile Island.  What I am is pro-fact, not pro-nuclear.

Watch Pandora’s Promise on Netflix to see that the radiation levels at Chernobyl are now less than what exists on many popular sand beaches around the globe and that serious environmentalists have changed their position on nuclear:

The bottom line is that Nuclear Energy, like all things, will have problems but the big things we have worried about for years just are not the reality we live in anymore.  We are correctly worried about coal in the near term, oil in the near term and natural gas in the long term but we have to get to the long term.  If you are concerned about the environment, you really need to seriously and calmly look at the facts, not the hype

For a calm, rational explanation of BOTH sides of the nuclear debate watch the three videos below and when you see THREE REASONS NUCLEAR ENERGY IS TERRIBLE keep in mind that these arguments are made in a vacuum as if we don’t use nuclear energy we also will not use coal and oil to replace it… we will 🙁





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