It is empirically a fact that we are living in the best time in human history. Poverty, sickness, insecurity are following their long term trend lines downward. However this short snippet from a Fareed Zakaria GPS interview explains that does not mean these trends will continue. There was yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow, the possibility of global catastrophe.

Our modern connected world has virtually guaranteed that some crisis will affect you or your family in the coming years. From pandemics boosted by global travelers, to economic failures caused by hacked interconnected networks, to all out war caused by Nationalist politicians (like Trump and Le Pen) not understanding how our inter-connectivity should be a source of strength and not weakness.

We apologize for the poor quality; we had a very nice version on YouTube, but CNN claimed copy-write violation even though this is a “fair use” snippet and we gave CNN full credit.  After we lost our appeal, the video was removed from YouTube and this is best we can provide.  We encourage you to watch the whole debate between Niall Ferguson and Steven Pinker on 

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