This Person Does Not Exist & This Cat Does Not Exist

Do any of the people or cats in the photos below look familiar to you?  They shouldn’t because not one of them is of a real.

These “photo’s” are also not, as you might think, just assemblies of assorted inventory pictures like noses, eyes and hair.  No, these are all effectively paintings made by two artificial intelligence (AI) engines working back and forth to perfect the images.  The first AI builds and image and sends it to the second AI that explains what is wrong with it… wait for it… to the the first AI that then fixes it.  This is called a

You really need to see this in action for yourself and and the developers have created the website which shows a brand new, non-human, face every 3 seconds.  If you refresh that page often enough you will eventually find images with serious flaws, some of which are quite eerie, but they will be few and far between.

This is truly astonishing but keep reading down to through the cat photos:

In computer animation (or Computer Graphics – CG) there is a problem called the “Uncanny Valley“.  The theory goes that as computer generated graphics become more lifelike they start to make humans feel very uneasy because we can tell that something just isn’t right.  In nearly all of the facial images above, the programmers have successfully scaled the uncanny valley as humans cannot detect or even feel that they were computer generated.

Uncanny Valley GraphFor me the most frequent oddity I can detect is the right eye often seems to be “not correct” but I mentally chalk it up to the image being a still photo that was taken as a person was blinking so I can easily disregard that mental flag.

The makers of these amazing AI face paintings are also working on a much more complex image generation of cats.  Because they are trying to build an entire cat and not just a face, the combinations are several factors higher and the likelihood of failure is greater.  Take a look at these images we collected sequentially from

The point of this article is to show that while our article titled Why Artificial Intelligence Isnt Very Intelligent still stands, we want to make it clear that AI is still shockingly impressive at single tasks.

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