Donald Trump - Robert MuellerWe just spent a few hours reading, skimming and searching through the Mueller report and found just two references to Canada or Canadians, both of which are completely innocuous. You may then ask why a negative outcome worth reporting and we respond that it is a question we have been asked to look into.

We expected to at least be able to to say that the report was chock full of mysterious inferences about the Russia – Trump relationship but we found nothing particually interesting that you have not already heard in other media.

If you do want to download the Mueller report, it is available directly from the US Department of Justice HERE and a verstion that is text searchable HERE. What is most interesting about that is the URL they used: .  Note that is it REPORT.PDF as if there is no other REPORT the US Department of Justice has on the go.

As for other insights our conculsion is the same as many other services that the Mueller report absolutely does NOT exonerate US President Donald J Trump.  Rather, to get to the point, it offers five interesting concusions:

  1. Donald Trump, both personally and through his team, gave clear direction to colude with the Russians and/or obstruct justice by hampering investigations
  2. The reason most of these instructions were not acted on was because staff, friends, and family decided to protect themselves and/or Donald Trump from such obviously illegal activity
  3. Both President Trump and his team lied repeatedly about their relationships to Russia
  4. It is not practically possible to indict a sitting US President WHILE THEY ARE PRESIDENT, no such protections are afforded a retired President and that is likely the appropriate time to prosecute Presidential crimes
  5. The US Congress and others should perform more investigations.


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