Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Timeline of 2019 Events


Since the start of the 2019, there have been many important events in the Trans Mountain Pipeline saga and it is easy to get lost.  To clarify the issues we have appended the following entries to our master list “Complete Trans Mountain Pipeline and Expansion Timeline from 1947 to 2022

2019 Jan 15 100 First Nations groups meet in Calgary to discuss purchase of Trans Mountain
2019 Jan 21 Trans Mountain submits report to NEB proposing three new mitigation measures to protect killer whales
2019 Jan 31 Trans Mountain announces the existing pipeline is 32% oversubscribed
2019 Feb 22 NEB releases Reconsideration report for Trans Mountain Expansion Project
2019 Mar 18 First Nations group announces $6.8B offer for 51% of Trans Mountain
2019 Apr 16 Jason Kenny’s UCP Party wins massive majority government in Alberta on promises to get pipeline built
2019 Apr 16 Kenny repeats “we’ll happily give (B.C) a carbon-free Vancouver by 2020 (by turning off oil shipments)”
2019 Apr 18 Trudeau Government delays finally approval to allow for more Indigenous consultations
2019 Apr 30 Kenny proclaims law to give Alberta the ability to shut down oil shipments to BC
2019 May 24 BC court unanimously decides BC cannot restrict contents of inter-provincial pipelines
2019 Jun 18 PROJECTED: Trudeau government approves Trans Mountain
2019 Summer PROJECTED: Permits are re-issued as NEB changes satisfy Federal Court of Appeal August 2018 requirements
2019 Summer SPECULATION: Trudeau government announces agreement in principle to sell Trans Mountain (before fall election)
2020 Spring PROJECTED: Shovels in the ground on the Alberta side of the boarder
2022 Summer PROJECTED: Trans Mountain pipeline expansion complete

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