The End Of AndroidGoogle built Android from scratch in about 3 years of serious work.  With China’s:

  1. penchant for stealing intellectual property
  2. unlimited budgets
  3. massive talent pool

how long do you think it is will take China to develop a solid mobile OS?  Not to mention that the newest copy of anything is better than the first because the developers learn from mistakes in the original.

As we explained in our recent article:  US President Trump Just Killed Google Android, the US China trade war scared the Chinese into advancing their timeline on replacing Android from somewhere in the late 2020’s down to 2022 or 2023.

Huawei or some other Chinese mega-manufacturer with unlimited budgets WILL develop a Linux based Operating System within the next two years and the Chinese government WILL mandate its use on Chinese manufactured devices.

In previous internal iterations Harmony was named Hongmeng or Ark OS, but now they have settled on a decidedly less Chinese sounding brand name.

One of the most important clues that the Chinese are working on a mobile OS, it that Hauwei just registered the name Harmony as a ‘mobile operating systems’ in the European Union.  Executive also reported to be sending mixed messages as the release date get closer.

…Huawei Renames Android Replacement ‘Harmony’, Despite Execs Denying It Exists.  …Details of a Huawei mobile OS first emerged in May when Richard Yu, the CEO of the consumer business, told an audience in China that a new mobile OS “would be available in the fall of this year and at the latest next spring,” one that would be “compatible with all Android applications and web applications and improve running performance by more than 60%.” SOURCE

At first that decree will only be for cell phones sold in China but will spread to the entire Asia Pacific market within 2 years.  During that time China will be building it’s own cellular application ecosystem and by the time it goes global in the next 5-ish years it will be well rounded (though Asian focused) product.

Add to this that cell industry giants like Samsung are working on their own mobile OS because they too fear this single point of failure in their supply chain.  Samsung Tizen is already in most of Samsungs wearables, some televisions and some cell phones.  Tizen even uses the Google Play Store!  Take a look a this video and ask yourself if the interface looks so different from Android that you would care:

Even if Western governments block the sale of cell phones with Chinese operating systems (no doubt claiming security concerns), Google’s Android market share will be half of what it is today by the 2023 or 2024.



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