In this 3 minute clip Mike Bloomberg’s campaign manager explains Michaels background as a self made man and not self interested rich punk trying to buy the 2020 US Presidential election.


[00:00:00] – Christiane Amanpour

Kevin Sheekey is Michael Bloomberg’s campaign manager and he’s joining me now. I have interviewed Mike Bloomberg when he was mayor and as head of his foundation on many issues that as you say he’s been very successful on moving the dial climate guns. Other such issues. But he’s used his own money in many many of these areas.


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But the sort of national feeling for billionaires is not as warm and cozy as perhaps you might like. And certainly the progressive wing of the party are already going after him on this issue. We’re just going to play this.


[00:00:33.070] – Bernie Sanders

We do not believe that billionaires have the right to buy elections.

That is why billionaires like Mr Bloomberg are not going to get very far in this election.


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[00:00:47.370] – Kevin  Sheekey

You know the two things that annoy me about it wasn’t Mike Bloomberg group grew up in a household his father die young. They’re remembering six thousand dollars a year he paid himself through college right. He went to work.

He got fired and he built one of the greatest American businesses and he’s truly the American system success story.

And then what does he do when he gets this great fortune very early in his career he says you know what my goal is to bounce the check to the undertaker. I want to make sure that I give it back I’m not going to hand my company to my children. I’m not going to let them work in my company either no nepotism rule right and I’m going to do everything I can to get this great fortune and put it towards good right. Focusing on issues like the environment focusing on the issues of education and so to suggest that any way.

I’m not quite sure what you’re supposed to do or you’re supposed to fail in business are you supposed to keep your money to yourself like I’m not quite sure what that attack means. And then the second part which I think is totally dismissive. Hey listen if you want to hate Donald Trump because he inherited his money has done little with it other than divide people. I’m with you right. If you want to hate someone who not only has made a fortune has pledged to bounce a check and unfair but has truly been one of the great chief executives in American history both in business you know both in government 12 years as mayor of America’s largest city brought New York City back after 9/11 like I have a lot of respect for the senators that are running but I don’t know that they have the same credibility to bring back a city like New York at a time like it that I appreciate their service.

I don’t think it’s on the same level quite frankly. And so I see those things like I don’t know who they’re talking about but I guarantee you this. They’re not talking about Mike Bloomberg or they’re ignoring the fact.



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