Want To See Something Surprising? President Trumps Approval Ratings Compared to Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Nixon and Johnson

When we started researching this article we had intended to compare Donald Trump’s approval rating to Richard Nixon’s, but it became apparent that President Trumps ratings are:

  1. quite consistent over time ranging between 50% and 60%
  2. better than nearly all modern Presidents at this point in their history


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US Presidential Approval Ratings Johnson Nixon Carter Regan HWBush Clinton GWBush Obama Trump

We could write up an whole analysis of these graphs but they largely speech for themselves.

One point we think worth making came from CNBC:

“…The climb in support for Trump corresponds with a climb in the CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Confidence Index in Q4, which was driven in part by a more optimistic outlook on trade. Twenty-four percent of small business owners expect trade to have a positive effect on their businesses over the next year, up from 16% in Q3. Thirty-five percent of those who approve of Trump expect trade to have a positive effect on their businesses in the next year.

Trump supporters are also more likely to say that impeachment of the president will have a material impact on their business.  SOURCE

Also note that we were surprised enough at how steady Trumps support numbers have been we corroborated the CNBC numbers with other polls and found different, but similar ratings like these from ABC News.

ABC Trump Job Approvals


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