Since Ford kicked GM to the curb and stole their multibillion dollar deal with famed EV truck maker Rivian in the spring of 2019, GM has had a big problem.  It has been clear for some time that GM does not want to risk making changes to their golden goose, the Sierra and Silverado pick up trucks, that might alienate existing customers, but they need an electric pick up and they need it now.

They have come up with a clever solution.  Create a new sub-brand under an existing banner, like Corvette is under Chevrolet.  In this case a more apt analogy is Prius under Toyota.

Once the decision to sub-brand was complete, the question is what name to use.  Much like Ford decided to use Mustang on their new electric SUV, GM decided to use a brand that is very well known and will get everyone talking.  The difference is how smart GM was to use a dead brand that used to cause fist fights.  GM chose to completely reinvent the Hummer brand and a product line under their “pro grade” GMC banner.  That is just smart.

The official name is the GMC Hummer EV Truck.  It’s a bit wordy but we think it will just be called a Hummer.

“…The GMC HUMMER EV will be revealed on May 20, 2020 and built in Michigan at General Motors’ Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant.

If it sells, GM will create derivatives like a smaller SUV version.  Hummer was a type of halo brand for GM at trade shows so if you want to see what they have in mind, just Google GM Hummer prototype and you will see a myriad of body styles all with the Hummer design language.

“…The GMC HUMMER EV is our first entry, but it won’t be alone for long. We will offer not just one pickup, but multiple models with multiple variants, for multiple customers – a vehicle and package for everyone.

General Motors released the following teaser video earlier this week.  More specifically, they released 3 teasers which we show combined in this video:

The quick digits are:

  • Release September 2021 as a 2022 model
  • 0-60 in 3 seconds
  • > 1000 Horse Power
  • > 11000 pounds of torque
  • Massive battery
  • no price given but estimated to be $60,000 – $80,000
  • no word on autonomy
  • no word on range
  • no word on charge time
  • manufactured in Detroit’s Hamtramck plant



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