A Story of Action: The Complete Early Coronavirus Timeline

This site has a focus on China but has been avoiding the Wuhan coronavirus because we could not add useful information to the cause.  Today we reviewed many press releases and articles to develop a useful timeline of events relating to the coronavirus:

CLICK TO EXPAND GRAPHICComplete Coronavirus Timeline Dec-28-2019 to Feb-9-2020

At this point some of the facts are becoming fuzzy so here is the timeline of the first 45 days with coronavirus:


Date Wuhan Coronavirus Details
Dec 28 2019 Pneumonia cases linked to Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan China
Dec 30 2019 Eye Doctor Li Wenliang issues PRIVATE chat message about cases being SARS
Dec 31 2019 World Health Organization, NHC & China Center for Disease Control quietly announce outbreak 
Jan 1 2020 China CDC starts Coronavirus gene sequencing
Jan 3 2020 Huanan Seafood Market closed and China CDC completes Coronavirus gene sequencing and releases it to World Health Organization
Jan 5 2020 Chinese Government starts ’emergency monitoring’ and ‘close contact management’ in Wuhan
Jan 6 2020 China announces that Wuhan pneumonia cases are not SARS or MRES
Jan 7 2020 China CDC elevates threat to ‘level 2’ emergency and announces coronavirus is the ‘causative pathogen’ in the outbreak
Jan 9 2020 World Health Organization names this novel coronavirus “2019-nCoV” and first person dies of coronavirus
Jan 10 2020 China CDC shares coronavirus gene sequence publicly
Jan 11 2020 China CDC completes work on ‘PCR reagents‘ to make a coronavirus test possible
Jan 13 2020 Wuhan Municipal Health Commission announces first coronavirus death occurred Jan 9th
Jan 15 2020 First confirmed coronavirus case outside of China is announced in Thailand
Jan 16 2020 China CDC upgrades the coronavirus outbreak to most severe ‘level 1’ and locks down Wuhan so those with temperatures over 37.3 Celsius cannot leave
Jan 17 2020 Japan announces its first confirmed case of coronavirus, which is the second international case
Jan 19 2020 China announces its second coronavirus death
Jan 20 2020 First confirmed coronavirus case inside China but outside Wuhan is announced and coronavirus added to Chinese “Infections Disease Health & Quarantine Law”
Jan 21 2020 South Korea confirms its first case of coronavirus
Jan 22 2020 US confirms its first case of coronavirus in Washington State and China CDC announces the Chinese 547 cases and a death toll of 17
Jan 23 2020 Wuhan becomes quarantined as the airport and railway stations are “temporarily” closed
Jan 24 2020 China starts physical construction of a 1000 be temporary hospital using prefab building blocks and plans to complete it in 6-10 dayscancels new years events
Jan 25 2020 Man in his 50’s who recently returned from Wuhan is confirms as Canada’s first case of coronavirus in Toronto
Jan 26 2020 The US announces they are chartering a plane to pull diplomats out of Wuhan
Jan 28 2020 The Chinese Association of Travel Services suspends all tours
Jan 30 2020 Chinese President Xi Jumping meet with WHO Director and agree to send international team, including the US CDC to Wuhan & first US person to person case announced
Jan 31 2020 Death toll rises to 213 and the number of cases stands at 9776 & Russia closes its 3000 kilometer border with China
Feb 1 2020 Singapore and Mongolia close the borders with China to contain the virus
Feb 3 2020 Death toll at 305, suspected cases 19544 & after just 8 days, China completes construction of its first temporary hospital providing 1000 new beds
Feb 4 2020 Death toll at 492, suspected cases are over 20000 & Australia evacuates 243 citizens
Feb 5 2020 Belgium confirms first case of coronavirus was found in a one of the 9 people it evacuated from Wuhan & 3600 passengers on a cruise ship are quarantined in Hong Kong
Feb 6 2020 Death toll at 638 with 31428 coronavirus cases – China opens 2nd temporary hospital, this one has 1600 beds & announces it has 132 quarantine sites with 12500 additional beds
Feb 7 2020 China removes tariffs on the importation of medical supplies & Japan announces 41 cases of coronavirus on a cruise ship quarantined in Yokohama harbour
Feb 8 2020 Death toll rises to 813 in China which surpasses 2002/3 SARS outbreak which killed 774
Feb 9 2020 Death toll is now at 910 people, 908 in mainland China and confirmed infections tops 40,000 & Hong Kong cruise ship passengers released after all tested negative

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