To say that the Tesla CyberTruck is unorthodox is like saying cheese is not metal; it’s a bit of an obvious understatement.  Most people think that the CyberTruck is incredibly ugly but others see it as bold step.2019-Tesla-Model-price-comparison-graphHowever, a business analysis of Elon Musks latest creation went something like this:

This is an interesting logic.

Telsa-Cybertruck-original-2019-SpecificationsWe were thinking that it is highly unlikely that the Cybertruck design presented by Elon Musk will ever be produced because it seems very unlikely to pass both US/Canadian crash test requirements and European pedestrian crash requirements.  Others have pointed out that:

  1. by 2022 camera side view mirrors will still not be street legal
  2. the custom tires / rims shown in the prototype are likely to be cost prohibitive
  3. the side windows unbreakable glass will become a safety issue that puts many consumers off

For those of you, like us, who think the Cybertruck is an affront to decency, there is yet one more angle (pun intended) to this story which we thought was worth noting before you write it off.  Apparently the Cybertruck folded origami, straight line, flat panel design is ideal for vehicle wraps and opens up a world of creative concepts:

We would love to rant about the styling like so many others but that would not be very useful.

Tesla Cybertruck light truck comparison

If you want a rational explanation of why the Tesla CyberTruck is designed the way it is and what is likely between now and actual production units start rolling out of the factory, you will find this video interesting:


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