Mr. Rawlinson is the slow talking Welsh leader of Lucid Motors which has begun production of its $140,000 Lucid Air EV with tens of thousands of pre-orders already in place.

Here is our two minute brief biography video of Peter Rawlinson:

Mr. Rawlinson achieved a Bachelor of Science and after starting with Jaguar he became the Chief Engineer at Lotus.  In 2009 he became Tesla’s VP of Engineering and was responsible to the the technical aspects of the first Model S.

Often questioned about how Lucid competes against Tesla, he continuously points out that they are in different markets.  Lucid is for the luxury buyer, where as Tesla is focused on commodity consumers.

The big claims for Lucid are:

  1. their enormous wide screen the covers the entire dashboard
  2. their electric motors are the by far both the lightest and most powerful at just 73KG producing 670 HP
  3. an LG Chem battery pack from Formula E

In December 2019 construction started on their Arizona factory and it rolled off its first cars in September 2020.

Unlike most of the EV leaders on our list, Rawlinson did not found the Lucid startup.  Lucid was born in 2007 and he did not join until 2013.

Backed primarily by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, it will be no surprise that Peter Rawlinson says:

“…We are reciprocating, and we are going to do something amazing with PIF in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, and that will be very much in line with Vision 2030 to really reduce their economy’s dependence upon fossil fuels.

… we are going to do something huge in the Kingdom… SOURCE

Rawlinson and his design partner Derek Jenkins, could be the next generations Rolls and Royce and while that premium segment may be small it is highly profitable and sets a tone for the entire industry.


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