Tesla Model 3 SR+ is rated at 250 miles (402K’s) but in ideal conditions gets no more than 155 miles (250 kilometers) of driving range.

In this test we show that at freezing (0 Celsius – 32 Fahrenheit) the Model 3 Standard Range Plus range is about 240 kilometers (150 miles).

Telsa loves to promise the absolute theoretical maximum on everything from range, to regen, to navigation, to voice commands, to… that is what bothers me.

This is my 4th EV so I understand that EV functionality and how cold weather effects range. Telsa knows the facts but just refuses to stop overpromising and underdelivering which is very disappointing because the make such a great vehicle.

Tesla range anxiety is real. Enough with the hype – tell consumers the facts – we can take it and are MUCH happier when we have realistic expectations.


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