When it comes to the pandemic response, few people actually want to see the economy shut down.  Even the most argumentative accept that there is merit to keeping the economy open to some degree.

A blind closing all small businesses as much of California, Ontario, Quebec other other large population centers is both unjustified and unwise.  Alberta’s method of reducing most businesses to 15% of capacity is a scalable safe solution.  It is far safer for me to quickly visit my local dollar store with 5 people in it, than it is to enter Safeway, Costco or Walmart with many hundreds of people in it and have to wait in long checkout lines.

All that being said, it is easy to retrospectively point errors of what is now obvious improvement.  Perhaps enclosed shopping malls should have been closed while tiny retailers on main street should have been allowed to have 40% occupancy.

In this video we see how politicians overreacted to 911 and, with the best of intentions, caused us years of pain and billions of wasted dollars.

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