Apple and Microsoft are interchangeably the largest company in the world.  Microsoft focuses on corporate tech products while Apple concentrates on the consumer.  But that is not the only major difference between the two.

Microsoft went through a nasty monopoly investigation in the late 1990’s that nearly tore the company apart.  By the early 2000’s Microsoft had learned the hard lesson that if you have built anything resembling a monopoly, you need to constantly check to ensure that you are not using that market power to disadvantage your competitors.

Apple has yet to learn that lesson and many credible people are making just that claim.  In simple terms the argument against Apple goes like this:

  1. Apple uses its App Store to improperly discover new markets
  2. Apple then builds new tech that is only available to themselves which causes competitors to be… well, less competitive
  3. Apple sometimes even changes existing tech to make it difficult for existing competitors.

The video above explores these issues through the eyes of Tile CEO, CJ Prober who is part of the Coalition for App Fairness which also includes Epic Games and Spotify.



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