If you want to understand how plugin hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) work in real life, join me on my long drive to work and back.  Also, if you find this of interest you will likely be find useful information in our recent article and video “Is there a future for plug in hybrid electric vehicles”

We show a Ford Fusion Energi PHEV but we could have used a Toyota Rav4 Prime or Ford Explorer PHEV or Kia Niro Plugin Hybird or even a Toyota Prius Prime.

We discuss common problems with PHEV’s and drive our PHEV on a long highway drive to show how it performs.

There is also a discussion of how the PHEV compares to a Tesla Model 3 EV.

While fully electric cars still have a large upfront premium price tag, PHEV’s do not.  Is a PHEV worth the extra money… definitely.


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