This was submitted to us by an organization helping Ukranian’s fight the Russian invaders.  We have reviewed the links and believe all of them are to valid Ukranian support services.

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

Ukrainians have been suffering from Russian aggression for already thirteen days. The invaders are using all their military power to destroy Ukrainian cities and towns. Hundreds of civilians have already been killed because of the regular missile attacks of Russian aviation and artillery. More than 1.5 million people left the country becoming refugees.

The world provides strong financial, military, and humanitarian aid Ukraine needs so much. You can also make your contribution to support Ukraine against Russian aggression.

Humanitarian Aid Ukraine

who is withukraine dot org - richard branson - virginUNICEF is raising funds to support children in Ukraine. Currently, the organization requires money to buy 2 large first aid kits and medicines for health workers. If you’d like to donate to this initiative, click here.

The foreign aid to Ukraine is also collected via a WithUkraine platform. It was established by the Ukrainian Embassy to consolidate international efforts in raising financial aid to Ukraine. You can join this initiative and donate to Ukraine.


Support the Ukrainian Army

ukranian army in front of destroyed burned out russian truckThe Ministry of Defense of Ukraine accepts donations for logistical and material support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. If you are willing to support the Ukraine army, please send your aid to Ukraine charity organizations.

Ukraine charity organization Come Back Alive funds purely defensive initiatives like the purchase of thermal scopes, reconnaissance drones, and tablets containing “Armor” artillery calculation software. To donate funds to the charity fund Come Back Alive, click here.

ukranian women hands on face in front of destroyed buildings

Ukrainian Russian War Status

As of March 10
Taken directly from the Ukrainian Defense Department Website
If you want the most current requests and information visit their site HERE


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