Have you heard the term Green Hydrogen, or Blue Hydrogen? Well, there is a Houston based biotech company that has added a new color to the hydrogen vernacular. The call their own product in which microbes (yes, tiny bugs) are injected into existing oil fields and convert oil into hydrogen, Gold Hydrogen.

The idea is simple enough. Inject trillions of very low cost oil eating microbes into an old oil reservoir, let the bugs convert the oil that is still in the ground into hydrogen, then suck up a vast amount of uber cheap, uber green, hydrogen.

This is “in-situ” (Latin for ‘original place’) technology, meaning the work is done in the ground which is why it is so environmentally friendly. No factories, no pollution, no carbon capture and no above ground processing are required.

Regular readers of PartisanIssues.com know that we have been closely following the development another in-situ hydrogen company named Proton Technologies. Proton simply injects old oil reservoirs with air causing the pressure to increase and eventually combust while it is still in the ground. That releases hydrogen molecules which can readily be pumped back to the surface. If you want more information on Proton’s tech, including another interesting BNN Bloomberg interview with their CEO, Grant Strem, click HERE.

In this short BNN Bloomberg interview with Moji Karimi, founder and CEO of “Cemvita Factory Inc”, the process and costs of this new hydrogen production solution are explored:

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