covid19 lab leak -wuhan institute of virology police

Is COVID-19 Lab Leak a Conspiracy Theory?

Over the last few years there have been an inordinate number of silly conspiracy theories covering everything from the 2016 US Presidential election to Ted Cruz’s Father being involved in the JFK assassination. At PartisanIssues we stick to facts and avoid opinion so let us state unequivocally it is our […]

tesla model 3 blue

SOLVED: Tesla Model 3 & Y Feature List

Tesla has been very good at keeping its offerings to a small number of options.  Basically there are four things to consider: Standard battery VS Long range battery Two wheel drive VS All wheel drive (Tesla calls this ‘Dual Motor’) Base Autopilot VS Full Self Drive Partial Premium Interior VS […]

12 serious problems with bitcoin

Bitcoin: 12 Serious Problems

To be sure, Bitcoin and blockchain technologies are here to stay… at least for a while. There is much good with Bitcoin but there are also some serious issues. If you are thinking about Bitcoin or Ethereum or other blockchain technologies as a currency or store of value, you need […]