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The Hidden Advantages of Electric Vehicles

This is the second of our two part series on the good and bad of electric vehicles. The first article Whats Wrong With Electric Vehicles? 12 Myths & 2 Truths is available as a video HERE and this article will explore the many hidden advantages of electric vehicles. Of course […]

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Why Would China Want TikTok & WeChat Data?

If you have any computer security awareness at all, you will have heard about the US Governments efforts to block TikTok, WeChat and other Chinese based companies from operating in the United States.  In the surface it seems silly to block silly dance video apps so we looked into it […]

lidar - how elon musk and tesla got it wrong

What is LIDAR & Why Tesla Has It Wrong

Put simply, LiDAR is just radar using a laser light instead of radio waves to scan what is in front of it.  LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging and was  the next big iteration in remote sensing and imaging thirty years ago.  Today it is everything from airplanes, to […]