What Major Pipelines Were Built In Canada in the Last Decade of Conservative Rule

There are many who claim that in the last decade of Conservative rule in¬†under Federal Prime Minister Harper and Alberta Premiers¬†Stelmach, Redford and Prentice¬†precious little was done for Alberta’s pipelines.¬†¬†On the other hand, earlier this year UCP Leader Jason Kenney said that it was¬†completely wrong to say that¬†pipelines had not Read more…


The National Infrastructure Act: How The Federal Government Can Get Infrastructure Projects Like The Trans Mountain Pipeline Done Fairly

The current Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline debacle agonizingly demonstrates that even medium scale infrastructure projects are easily stalemated in Canada.¬† This has scared away vast sums of foreign direct investment as investors look for easier, more reliable places to put their money. This is a crisis and it appears Read more…


How Killing The Canadian Oil Industry Is a Formula For Environmental Disaster

Today Bloomberg’s¬†Michael Bellusci wrote an article explaining that Canadian oil and gas companies are in deep trouble. ¬†Here is an excerpt:

Canada‚Äôs Energy Industry Faces ‚ÄėExtinction‚Äô Without M&A, BMO Says

On the same day, Global News reported:

Feds to spend $280k to study why Canada’s oil and gas sector is falling behind

The federal government plans to spend up to $280,000 for a new study¬†on Canada‚Äôs competitiveness in the oil and gas industry as investment lags and the United States offers new incentives for companies to move south…iea-world-energy-demand-change-2016-2040
Source: globalnews.ca/news/4123026/oil-and-gas-canada-falling-behind-study/

In general terms the issue is that with low oil prices, oil companies see better places in the world to put their money than Canada. ¬†Oil & Gas “activists” will initially claim a victory here because they have had some impact on making it difficult to get Canadian Oil and Gas to both international and domestic markets.