Alberta’s Carbon Tax: The Right Tax at the Right Time?

It used to be very clear that Alberta had a spending problem and not a revenue problem.  However, since the 2014 oil crash, the world and Alberta have forever changed.  Historically, oil ‘busts’ were the result of a downturn in some key economy that reduced the demand for oil & gas products.  Today we have the worlds first notable price downturn caused by over production of oil, with no end in site. This over production was started intentionally by Saudi…

VEGANS UNITE! Man Made Chicken is Going Mass-Market Soon

While governments around the world grapple with Genetically Modified Products (GMO’s) like wheat and canola, there is a new issue they will have to address shortly: man made meat. This video explains that Israels “Super Meat” just raised millions of dollars to COMPLETE their lab produced chicken product.  Man made chicken will be available for sale in two or three years to specialty markets and will almost certainly be in your grocery store within a decade. THIS article from 2015…

What Trump Got Right About US Foreign Policy:

Much has been said about the Trump administrations lack of a coherent foreign policy plan.  He seems to have changed to tone to an us vs them winner takes all approach without considering even the near term negative consequences of such an approach. Even if that is correct, Trump definitely got something right on US Foreign Policy: US citizens stopped buying in the notional that the US should be the ‘Global Global Good Guy’.  Somewhere in the George Bush, Bill…

Trump Changes to Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards Will Have Little Effect On Automobile Manufactures

Trump Changes to Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards Will Have Little Effect On Automobile Manufactures. This is because Trump is only planning to eliminate changes AFTER the year 2022 and also because nearly all manufacturers are building cars for the global market which will still have increasingly tough regulations. One example of this is the 2019 Jeep Renegade which is expected to meet the 2025 standard (that Trump is eliminating) because it will be sold in many markets worldwide.

Political Issues?

Many issues of 2018 and beyond are ones that need more exploration, discussion and debate.  This site will explore difficult or misunderstood political issues of our time. It will attempt to be politically neutral and prove for light than heat.