Telsa Model 3 Shortcomings

VIDEO: What’s Wrong With The Telsa Model 3

Tesla fan boys will tell you that the Model S, 3 and X are the greatest vehicles ever put into production and that “…none of the brain dead dino-juice legacy car companies will ever catch…” (actual quote from a Telsa …

Support for National Security Law for Hong Kong SAR

Timeline Of China’s National Security Law In Hong Kong

The thread of China’s new National Security Law for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) being vigorously enforced by the Chinese Communist Party Government in Beijing has had the desired chilling effect on political protests in Hong Kong that have …

Canada the board game

FUNNY POLITICAL VIDEO: Canada – The Board Game!

This fantastic spoof by our friends at “22 Minutes” shows how the Federal Government controls everything, Quebec takes everything and Alberta pays for everything. The only way this would be more funny, is if it were less true 🙁

putin mbs trump oil cuts

The End of The Oil Age?

Headlines like Yes, oil is dead. Just read the writing on the wall. , The coronavirus pandemic may have one silver lining: the potential collapse of big oil. and Green Party declares that “oil is dead” are not only misleading …