Think Oil is Going Away? The 10 Biggest Oil & Gas Discovery of 2018

Below are the biggest conventional oil discoveries of 2018 grouped by the country they were found in.  As you can see, these top 10 countries alone found more than 6 Billion of Barrels of Oil Equivalent.

Those that want to “keep it in the ground” are just not realizing that oil is a global commodity.  As large as Canada and the US are at producing it, if we don’t others will.  That means blocking pipeline like the Northern Gateway, Energy East, Trans Mountain and Keystone do not stop or even reduce the flow of oil.  Blocking well managed, modern oil and gas infrastructure projects in Canada and the US simply push the production to places like Russia with horrific environmental records, produce more.  This is not smart if you are an environmentalist.  Listen to what the left wing NDP Government has to say about Canadian oil HERE.


What you should also notice is the absence of Canada in this list.  As the country with the worlds 3rd largest proven reserves, it is not a good thing that Canada is not in this list.  Canada has vast oil reserves in Alberta’s tar / oil sands and off the east coast.

Here are the raw numbers so you can play with them yourself.  We have also linked each country to an interesting article about these discoveries.

Rank Country Play BOE
1 Guyana Longtail, Ranger, Pacora, Hammerhead, Pluma 2130
2 Russia North Obsyoye, Triton, West Messoyakha 1220
3 United States Ballymore, Dover 750
4 Cyprus Calypso 674
5 Oman Mabrouk North East 628
6 Australia Dorado 210
7 Angola Afoxe 175
8 Norway Hades 140
9 Gabon Ivela 105
10 Bahrain Khaleej 100


Rank Play Country BOE
1 North Obsyoye Russia 895
2 Calypso Cyprus 674
3 Mabrouk North East Oman 628
4 Ballymore United States 560
5 Longtail Guyana 550
6 Ranger Guyana 500
7 Pacora Guyana 450
8 Hammerhead Guyana 425
9 Dorado Australia 210
10 Pluma Guyana 205
11 Dover United States 190
12 Afoxe Angola 175
13 Triton Russia 170
14 West Messoyakha Russia 155
15 Hades Norway 140
16 Ivela Gabon 105
17 Khaleej Bahrain 100

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