10 Quick Facts You Should Know About The Islamic Party Of Ontario

We recently saw the graphic shown on the right (click to enlarge it) islamic-party-of-ontario-slander-campaignthat seems to be a slander campaign about the so called “Islamic Party of Ontario”.  So we decided to look into the situation and pulled out the following facts.

1 – The Islamic Party of Ontario is Real:

They have a poor quality but apparently legitimate website with a notable founder and leader Jawed Anwar.  There has been some effort to tie the Islamic Party of Ontario to the Trudeau Liberals but we think that is just partisan fake news.  We also found no links to the Islamic Party of Canada, which seems to be more of a concept than a political party.  All of the quotes below are taken from that website unless otherwise linked or noted.

2 – The IPoO is likely to run Candidates in the Next Ontario Election:

We thought it might be an anti-Muslim hoax but we found the name is registered with the Province of Ontario elections website.  The name was registered August 28 2018 which was too late for the 2018 election so we can only assume they are serious about the next election.

3 – A Toronto Sun Reporter Claims Their Leader has Made Death Threats:

THIS Sun article from January first explains how this odd situation came about.

4 – The Islamic Party of Ontario wants to roll back or ban:

  1. Abortion: Abortion is a federal issue so Provincial parties are free to have any opinion they want, but it will have no immediate impact.
  2. LGBTQ Rights:  Their official PRINCIPLES & POLICIES state “The concept of “gender identity” or “seven-colour gender” is a false concept.” and “Marriage is a sacred union between a man and woman… God made Adam and Eve –not Adam and Steve”
  3. Doctor Assisted Suicide: “No one has the right to take his own or another’s life due to depression or disease. It is only God who gives life and can take back the life whenever He wants.”
  4. Liquor and Gambling: “Liquor, drugs, adultery, gambling, etc. should be banned in society.”
  5. Sport Hunting: “the right to be free from trophy hunting and other “sports” hunting that exploit the animals…”
  6. Religious Commentary: “A strict law will be suggested to ban blasphemy of any religious (all) symbols and personalities”

islamic-party-of-ontario-logo5 – The Islamic Party of Ontario wants to Promote or Protect:

  1. Full Funding of Faith Based Schools: “Government funding to all faith-based schools… must be granted”
  2. The Environment: “Don’t waste, don’t pollute the environment. Wasting a few drops of water even if you are sitting at the brink of a river, or plucking a small leaf from a tree without reason is not allowed in the Islamic way of life”
  3. Green Energy: They want 100% renewable energy
  4. Animal Rights: “All animals –whether pets, wildlife, or food animals— have the right to live without abuse and exploitation”
  5. Alternative Medicine: “We support investment in research… that may be more effective and less expensive; eg, naturopathy, herbal, homeopathy”
  6. Small Government: “Less tax, small but efficient government”

6 – The IPoO wants to Restructure Corporate Profits to Follow the Islamic tradition:

“The finances of businesses and banks will be managed with labour-capital partnership and share in profit.”  “…an interest-free economy and capital-worker partnership finances”

7 – The Party Will Request Those With Wealth To Give Away Their Money:

“Charity is of an obligatory nature” “A person who has more than his/her needs will be encouraged to give to others to develop private businesses.”

8 – ‘Shariah’ Separation of Men & Women:

“In light of all of the scandals of the #MeToo movement, top-level male executives in Wall Street are now following some basic protocols, such as: -Never be alone with a female in a closed room; -Not having private dinners with a female, especially when there is fear of flirtation;- Not sitting next to females on a plane or train; -Not traveling on business meetings alone with a female…”  SOURCE

9 – The IPoO is Steeped in Islamic Religious Writings:

By this we mean that the fledgling party often does not express itself in direct policy discussions.  Instead there is frequently long winded, sermon like explanations.  Here is a brief excerpt from a letter the IPoO’s founder, Jawed Anwar, wrote to Kathleen Wynn in 2013 “…Muhammad (peace be upon him), I want to draw your attention to what he (peace be upon him) brought as a warning from God [through the angel Jibril (Gabriel) ]. Similar warnings have been brought by Moses (pbuh) and Jesus (pbuh), ”

10 – Placing Islamic Religious Principles Above All Else:

“The word Islam means ‘surrender’ and ‘peace’. That means Islam requires surrender to God to attain peace.”  “Believing in God’s Supremacy means believing in His Oneness, His Authority, and His Obedience in all spheres of life.”


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