VIDEO: Ultimate Spoiled Child – 22 Year Old Pushes New BMW 3 Gift Into River Because It Was Not the Jaguar He Demanded

A 22 year old “man” from the Indian city of Haryana, decided that his parents birthday present of a brand new BMW 3 Series worth $50 to $60,000 in India was just not good enough. He wanted a $75,000 Jaguar so he recorded himself pushing the new BMW into the river and sent it to his father.

According to the BBC and New York Times, the police then got involved and sent first responders because they did not know if someone was trapped in the car.

At that point the mad decided he had best recover the car so he hired divers and a crew with ropes to try and pull the car ashore.

At last check, he had not been charged but that could (should?) change.

This video does an excellent job of demonstrating the differences be rich and poor in India.


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