The oil tankers to be used near the Port of Vancouver to transport oil from the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, are definitely large.  However, some groups are claiming that are massive super tankers the we need to be terrified of.

Aframax tankers is what will be used and they are the second smallest tankers on the grid.  Make no mistake, these are big but they are not the super tankers you see on TV.tanker-sizes-and-capacitiesThese Aframax oil tankers will be subject to what are likely the most stringent environmental restrictions in the world when they come into the oil terminal near the Port of Vancouver, including requirement for them to be tugged in by TWO tug boats.

It is also worth noting that oil tankers have had nothing short of dramatic reduction in both the number and scale of accidents in the last 30 years.  See our article on oil tanker accident numbers from 1970 to today HERE.


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