Joanna Coles on CNN’s “GPS with Fareed Zakaria” explains that people are transitioning from the classical method of meeting potential mates to an electronic process.  She explains that there are serious positives to using apps to find potential spouses including:

  1. Drawing from a much larger pool
  2. Eliminating the effort required rule out a potential mate if there are characteristics you will not tolerate (i.e. Like Trump vs Hate Trump or Meat Eater vs Vegetarian)
  3. Reducing the frustration of not finding someone compatible in a bar or other social setting

But there are also enormous negatives that have larger consequences for society at large like:

  1. “People have lost the ability to communicate in person”, which has vastly larger applications for future political discord
  2. Eliminating those with opposing viewpoints allows / encourages citizens to live an echo chamber in which ‘the other side’ is never sincerely considered
  3. Increasing the inefficiencies in communication by substituting Texting and Apps which are easy and confrontation free, for the historical norm of voice communication which is “awkward and has gaps” that get filled in with introspection and real information
  4. It is much easier to “become voyeurs of others” which causes further decrease in perceived self worth causing loneliness and depression

The U.K. has just introduced the world first “Loneliness Minister which tells you they think it is an epidemic in Britain”.  In the very near future, more governments are going to have to confront the increasing incidents of loneliness and depression.

Some say that is a left wing socialist concept, other would say it is a far right “government controls everything” concept.  The fact of the matter is that Governments are made up of people and those people have a role in leveling the playing field by introducing laws that both protect citizens (think of the world before #metoo ) and respond to the environmental conditions of the day.




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