TransMountain Pipeline Expansion Begins Despite Many Claims Trudeau & Notely Are Working Against Pipelines

notely-trudeau-flags-pipelineThere has been so much talk in the media about how Alberta Premier Rachel Notely and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are saying that they are pro-pipeline but working behind the scenes to kill them.  Well, the proof is in the pudding oil.

During an Alberta Provincial cabinet meeting on Monday, Premier Rachel Notely said “Shipments of pipe are arriving pretty much as we speak in Alberta, located at stockpile yards in Acheson and Edson”.  On the same day the Calgary Harold reported:

workers begin this summer to survey the route, flag the right-of-way and relocate rare plants SOURCE

Notely also repeated her claim that Alberta will make the TransMountain pipeline happen, even if the Province has to buy into it.  When asked if Alberta was likely to partner with the Trudeau Government to buy the line, she said:

“I think there’s a good possibility … but I honestly can’t get into much more detail on it until all the final decisions are made.”  SOURCE

In 2015 Notely gave a private speech to a primarily oil sector crowd in the Calgary Petroleum Club during the largest ever ‘Alberta Investment Forum’

…he didn’t expect that kind of speech to the Stampede Investor Forum. Didn’t expect the NDP premier to sound that pro-industry, replete with words of the oil sands’ “tremendous asset,” “job creators” and a province “wide open to investment.” Don Braid, columnist for the Calgary Herald, said the energy sector figures didn’t just get an olive branch from Notley: “She brought the whole tree and shook it, raining down petals of praise and friendship.” SOURCE

In our article “What Major Pipelines Were Built In Canada in the Last Decade of Conservative Rule” we look at facts and show that 2 major pipelines were approved in the last decade of Conservative rule.  This contrasts with Liberal Trudeau and NDP Notely getting two major pipelines approved in the two years.

We finished the MAJOR PIPELINES article the same way we will finish this one:   This author is not a particular supporter of the NDP or Liberals but is a supporter of facts so lets be fair and give Notely and Trudeau their due credit.

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