VIDEO: American’s Left Is Loosing Grip On Reality The Way the America Right Did In the Gingrich Revolution

The latest round of American Presidential Candidates has shown that those on the left of the political spectrum are just a as willing to ignore facts and as the political right.  This is a potentially catastrophic death spiral.

In today’s world voters need to think more and listen less as leaders on both sides of the political spectrum drive to emotion and ignore facts.

Politics has always been a perception business and at its heart, the political system is a popularity contest.  However, the Gingrich revolution of the 1990’s in which strict party adherence to unsupportable claims became the orthodoxy US Republican party, really sent America down an ugly path of populism that will ever accelerate America’s 100 year decline in power and influence.

You may say that Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez is a simpleton that does not understand even basic economics, or that Elizabeth Warren is a left wing zealot, it is undeniable that they are tied to the same destructive logic used by Newt Gingrich and friends to win votes.  Note that we, genuinely, would not use language this strong although many other have.

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