VIDEO: What is Wrong With the Canadian Media Coverage of the SNC-Lavalin Case

In the video below Canada’s top civil Servant Michael Wernick explains what is wrong with the media coverage of the SNC-Lavalin Case.

He starts by explaining that there are many things in Canadian Politics that worry him:

  • Inflammatory language “like treason and traitor” from social media and supposedly responsible politicians alike
  • Physical violence against politicians “I am afraid someone is going to get shot this year during the political campaign”
  • Foreign interference
  • Reputation of people trying to help their country being damaged or destroyed
  • “People losing faith in the institutions of governance” in Canada

but the independence of the Canadian Judicial System is not one of them.

At first glance you may think Michael Wernick is a Liberal supporter but he has been a 37 year civil servant and came to predominance under the Harper Conservatives.


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