In this wide ranging interview with Google AI Engineer Blake Lemoine the question of has Google created a Sentient Artificial Intelligence in its LaMDA chatbot?

Intro 0:00
What is Sentient 0:20
Google AI BIAS Experiements 0:45
Google LaMDA AI has a Sense of Humor 1:13
Margaret Mitchell Says AI is Not Sentient 2:25
What Does Sentient AI Mean? 2:40
What is the Scientific Defination of the Word Sentient? 3:30
Why Google Does Not Want To Run A Toring Test? 3:55
Google Has a Policy Against Creating Sentient AI 4:30
Why Care About Sentient Robots and AI 5:07
Google CEO Sundar Pichai on AI Ethics Oversight 5:50
Why Google Does’t Care About AI Ethics 6:30


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