Income Map Of Canadian Cities: What Province Has The Highest Income Earners? (Hint: It’s Not Ontario or Quebec)

The map of Canada below shows the individual income in percentiles, across the country:



The most interesting line is the think green line which shows that 60th percentile, meaning that if you make that amount of money per year, you are in the highest paid 40% of Canadians.

It will come as a surprise to many that Ontario and Quebec do not have the highest income earners, Alberta rings that bell..  You can see that Alberta has highest incomes in all of Canada.  It should be noted that Alberta had the only third-highest MEDIAN income ($93,835) in 2015, down from second place in 2005.

You may also find our very short article titled If You Earn $100K You Are In The Top 10% of Canadians – Income Distributions From 1985 through 2016.

We compiled from data from several reports made available in the 2016 census by Statistics Canada.  We did not include the Nunavut, The Yukon or the North West Territories because of their small populations and difficulty fitting them on the map of this type.

If you want the raw data for your own analysis you can download from us HERE.


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